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NC Emissions & Safety Inspections

We are an Official NC State Emissions & Safety Inspection Station

Your NC State Emissions & Safety Inspection is on us whenever you repair your vehicle in our State-of-the-Art Repair Facility *


What to Expect

When you come get your inspection, our technician will inspect and test your vehicle, you will pay for the inspection and receive a receipt and inspection report. A record of your vehicle’s inspection will be entered electronically into the DMV vehicle registration database. Your next inspection will be due the same month your vehicle registration renewal is due and must be obtained no more than 90 days before your plate expires.


There are two types of inspections for vehicles in the state of North Carolina
The Safety Only Inspection and the Safety and Emissions (OBD) Inspection


The Safety Only Inspection

The safety portion of the inspection consists of a thorough overview of the Suspension & Steering Systems, Electrical Systems, and other Common Systems.


The Safety and Emissions (OBD) Inspection

If your vehicle is classified as a model year 1996 or newer, an emissions test (as well as a safety inspection) is likely required. This is also called the On-Board Diagnostics test (OBD). Your vehicle is plugged in to a specialized computer that confirms its identity and checks its systems. The “Check Engine” light being on while the vehicle is running will cause it to fail the emissions portion of a state inspection.

Effective April 1, 2015, vehicles within the three most recent model years with fewer than 70,000 miles might be exempt from an emissions inspection. Find out if your vehicle qualifies.


Helpful Links

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* In order to qualify for the FREE Vehicle Inspection offer, your vehicle must have undergone repairs by one of our qualified technicians within the last 30 days, and repairs must amount to $350 or more.


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